September 22

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Frodo and Bilbao Baggins celebrate their birthday, by Marie-Lynn with Midjourney

Good Boy in Chief, Bark Twain, explains the day!

Well, hang onto your hat, ’cause we’re saddlin’ up for a ride through the significance of September 22, and it’s a day with its own unique charm.

In the Christian calendar, September 22 marks the Feast of St. Maurice and his companions. St. Maurice was a Roman soldier who stood firm in his Christian faith, even in the face of persecution. He’s remembered as a symbol of unwavering devotion to one’s beliefs.

For the lovers of literature, September 22 is an auspicious date, as it’s the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, the beloved hobbits created by J.R.R. Tolkien. These little folks took us on grand adventures in the world of Middle-earth, reminding us of the power of imagination.

And if we switch gears to the world of space exploration, September 22 has its own starry significance. It’s the day when NASA’s Pioneer 11 spacecraft made its closest approach to Saturn back in 1979, sending back valuable data and images of the ringed planet.

So, September 22, it’s a day when the brave are honored, the fantastical is celebrated, and the mysteries of the cosmos are unveiled. It’s a day to tip your hat to courage, creativity, and the wonders of the universe.