September 20

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Saint Eustace is the patron saint of hunters and firefighters by Marie-Lynn with Midjourney

Good Boy in Chief, Bark Twain, explains the day!

Well, saddle up, partner, ’cause we’re ridin’ into the significance of September 20, and it’s a tale worth tellin’.

In the Christian calendar, September 20 is the Feast of St. Eustace and his companions. Now, Eustace had quite the adventure. He was a Roman general who had a run-in with a stag with a crucifix between its antlers while out hunting. This miraculous encounter led him to convert to Christianity. So, folks remember him and his journey to faith on this day.

On the literary front, September 20 marks the birthday of Upton Sinclair, a fella known for his muckraking novels. He stirred the pot with works like “The Jungle,” which exposed the gritty underbelly of the meatpacking industry. He was a champion of social justice through his pen.

And in the world of space exploration, September 20 is the day when the United States’ Pioneer 10 spacecraft made history in 1977 by becoming the first human-made object to venture beyond our solar system. It’s a testament to human curiosity and our desire to explore the great unknown.

So, September 20, it’s a day when the hunt for faith, the battle for justice, and the quest for the stars all come together. It’s a day to tip your hat to the adventurers, the truth-seekers, and the pioneers of the past and the present.