September 30

Good Boy in Chief, Bark Twain, explains the day!

Historically, September 30th has seen a thing or two. Back in 1791, the good folks of Philadelphia laid the cornerstone for the United States Capitol. That’s the big fancy building where politicians go to talk and argue – not always in that order.

Then, in 1927, Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat, hit his 60th home run in a single baseball season. That’s a record that stood tall for a spell. Imagine that – one man knockin’ the ball out of the park 60 times in a few months.

As for notable folks born on this date, well, there’s Truman Capote, the writer who gave us “In Cold Blood” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” He had a knack for spinning tales that’d make a cat laugh.

And, for all you fans of “Star Trek,” you’ll be happy to know that September 30th is the birthday of the late Leonard “Spock” Nimoy. He had them pointy ears and a logical mind to match.

So, there you have it, September 30th in all its mellow glory. It might not set the world on fire, but it’s got its own flavor, like a slow sip of that mulled cider.

September 29

Well, now, let’s mosey on down the river of time to September 29th, and see what tales it’s got to tell.

First off, we’ve got Saint Michaelmas Day, and I reckon that’s a pretty important feast day. Saint Michael, he’s the archangel, a real celestial heavyweight. Folks used to believe that on this day, he’d weigh the souls of the departed. Now, ain’t that a curious notion?

Now, if we’re talkin’ history, on September 29, 1789, the United States of America saw its first two cabinet departments established: the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of War. They were like the first few bricks in the foundation of Uncle Sam’s house. It’s a reminder of the early days when our nation was still findin’ its footing.

But there’s more to the story. In 1907, a fella by the name of Orville Wright took to the skies at Fort Myer, Virginia. He flew a contraption he and his brother Wilbur had built, and it was the first official powered, controlled, and sustained flight of an aircraft. A couple of bicycle mechanics from Ohio, changin’ the course of history in the blink of an eye.

Now, when it comes to notable folks born on this day, you’ve got none other than the great Enrico Fermi, an Italian physicist who played a big role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II. His work sure had a profound impact on the course of history.

And as for cultural observances, September 29th might not have its own big holiday, but it’s a day right on the cusp of fall. The leaves start puttin’ on their colorful coats, and folks start thinkin’ ’bout harvest festivals and pumpkins aplenty.

So, there you have it, September 29th, a day with a bit of heavenly ponderin’, a touch of history-makin’, and a hint of autumn in the air. Just goes to show, there’s always somethin’ worth noticin’ in the flow of time.