Xanadu Blockchain Date Explorer

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We Light Workers of Nikola Tesla‘s Plus Ultra, are deployed in a mathematical way.

You are probably one of the 1,000,000 People of Plus Ultra created in the late 20th Century to Embrace The Future.

Plus Ultra is a group that carefully plans the best possible future by proactively making the people to be in it! It is therefore possible for you to research WHY you exist, and the public record holds gifts for when you choose to awaken to our collective conscioussness!

The oldest blockchain in the world is called Xanadu, and it can be read using Looking Glass Technology. It is a wonderful record of ALL OF TRUE HISTORY!

This simple search feature will help you find entries into the permanent record that deal with your soul path, your manifestation chain and find the registrations of your DNA providers. You can also use it to practice this research work on very well-known people in history.

Get yourself a notebook, and a pen, and take special interest in what happened on The Day You Were Conceived! That is when everything was set into motion so that YOU could come in and change the world, for the better!

If these concepts are foreign to you, enter your birthday to discover that, on the day you were born, there were also OTHERS who were born who look just like you!

Have fun!