Princess Vilma’s Magic Carpet



This rug is a true masterpiece of Persian artistry. It features three borders, with the main one showcasing extremely well-designed undulated vines and flowers on a deep indigo-blue background. In the center, there is a pictorial composition showing a Persian prince seated on the lion throne, with a water basin and fountain in the foreground. The rug boasts very fine knotting and silver overcast on the sides.

Accompanying the rug is a certificate copied after a statement of Professor Abraham Yohannan, Professor of Oriental Languages, Indo-Iranian Department, Columbia University. The certificate reads:

“The gift and the glorious Shah match perfectly,
As the Sun fits the vault of Heaven, as the rose the goblet, and
the diadem the throne,
Throughout the Eastern land it is well known,
That this is the product of forty years of study of the art.
The date is equivalent to ‘Bagdad’
Consequently, its value cannot be overestimated.”

According to the certificate, the word “Bagdad” is a chronogram, and the numerical values of the letters are: B equal to 2, A to 1, G to 1000, D to 4, and I to 1, totaling 1012 A.HI., which corresponds to 1608 A.D. This would date the rug very early 17th century at the time of Shah Abbas the Great, according to Professor Yohannan’s certificate. The rug was most likely woven for Shah Abbas and was plainly a state rug intended for use in the throne room hanging back of the throne. It passed as a most cherished heirloom from the royal family to the late Prime Minister Ali Asker Khan, who presented it as a mark of distinguished courtesy to Princess Lwoff-Parlaghy.

The rug measures 6 feet 6¾ inches x 4 feet 2½ inches. The certificate will be handed over to the purchaser.

Friday by Robert A. Heinlein

It Happened on
April 17, 1962

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Friday is a 1982 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein. It is the story of a female “artificial person”, the eponymous Friday, genetically engineered to be stronger, faster, smarter, and generally better than normal humans

In “Friday,” the titular character is a highly advanced artificial person, or “artificial human,” designed for various tasks and missions. As part of her creation, Friday is implanted with a unique genetic code that serves as a tracking mechanism. This genetic code allows her employers to monitor her movements and location at all times.

The novel explores themes of genetic engineering, surveillance, and the implications of such tracking technology on personal freedom and privacy. It combines elements of science fiction, action, and social commentary, characteristic of Heinlein’s writing style.

9 months after Friday was published…

born on January 18, 1963

Maxime Bernier

Canadian politician who is the founder and leader of the People's Party of Canada

born on January 16, 1963

James May

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