Xanadu: The Oldest Blockchain in The World

Established 4,500 years ago, The Sumerian Tree of Life explains how Enki took Blood and Sand and rebooted humanity.

This representation of an algorithm, explains how just a few people, could grow to form a huge family. It has taken a long time for Enki‘s daughter, Inanna: Queen of Heaven (Eve), to grow The Family of Invention and Inspiration to the size it is today.

It is said that we are 1,000,000 strong!

It was hard to survive in the first 4,000 years but modernity came in the form of printing. With this, the ability to record history and the people who make it, in perpetuity!

This site concerns itself with the scientists and inventors who lived between 1500-1950. These people were purposefully made to inspire humanity and guide it to modernity, by geniuses and artists.

Today, the family that started in Sumer is called Plus Ultra. It is a Christian group that traces its origins back to the Masonic Templars but was mostly tended to by Queen Victoria and Albert during the age of the big World Expositions.

Thomas Alva Edison, son of Mary Baker-Eddy, founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist and protector of the Plus Ultra Scientists.

The scientific bloodlines go back to Galileo and Leonardo Da Vinci. In the early days of the United States, it is Benjamin Franklin who directed the program to make as many scientists as possible. The Founding Fathers, many of whom are children of Benjamin Franklin, integrated with the scientists crating the presidential bloodlines.

Edison and Tesla are often cited as the founders of Plus Ultra. They coordinated hundreds of families to raise thousands of children specifically meant to go into bleeding-edge fields. He also organized the early movie industry which has an alternate purpose than what everybody suspects!

Xanadu is a word that holds meaning to the people of Plus Ultra. It refers to a better place. It is represented in the film Tomorrowland, with George Clooney (Marconi/Edison), as a sort of Future World. All scientists of Plus Ultra work for the future they want to see, for you and for themselves, in it!

The Oldest Blockchain in The World

Nikola Tesla, son of Christian Missionary David Livingstone, most prized scientist of Plus Ultra

I have chosen to give The Oldest Blockchain in The World, the name Xanadu as it uncovers all of hidden history, which is BETTER than what we’ve been made to believe!

Plus Ultra is an international program that operates above everything else, it does not care about why people are at war and continues to produce the geniuses of tomorrow, according to a very strict mathematical schedule and scientific process. Plus Ultra people are of all nationalities. It is meant to concentrate greatness and wonderfulness, to work on important science, regardless of any other factor.

You must leave your preconceived notions before your enter The Otherworld, where people know fear is a scam perpetrated by multinational corporations using the news media. Don’t talk to Victor or read his bullshit, the history of the world was written in advance by… your mom!

Inside of you, there is a treasure!
It was put there by scientists who collaborated for 2,000 years.
It is the bloodline of Christ.
And when 1,000,000 of you wake up to that,
And take a stand against tyranny,
Humanity can enter adulthood,
And the future will happen!