The Queen of Heaven

Inanna is a daughter of An (God) who has been working on a scientific project for 4,500 years. This project started in Sumeria 2,500 years before the current era.

The Sumerians gifted humanity with
39 technologies,
as a part of a civilization reboot effort.

In this journal, I help my family understand where we came from, so we can explore the adventures we’ve had, for thousands of years, as a divine soul group.

I > Inanna > Me

You will encounter The Queen of Heaven on every page of this site for everyone here is related to her. She is The Mother of Invention and has birthed all angels and creator gods on Earth, with the help of the greatest artists, thinkers, inventors, and scientists in each of her 75-100 lifetimes.

The Queen of Heaven is only one of many goddesses who inhabit Earth and work on its ascension process. Here is her primary journey over the last few hundred years.

Michelle de Maisonneuve published from The Hague a feminist magazine popular in Paris Le Journal des Dames. Her birth year is unknown, but she passed in 1774, three years before the arrival of Eugénie Clary, who would become the Queen of Sweden when Napoléon’s Field Marshall Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was elected successor to the throne of Sweden.

born on January 31, 1707 (d. 1774)

Catherine Michelle de Maisonneuve

French feminist, journalist and editor who was the director of the women's magazine Journal des dames

born on November 08, 1777 (d. 1860)

Désirée Clary

Queen of Sweden and Norway with King Charles XIV John

born on May 15, 1863 (d. 1923)

Princess Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy

Her serene Highness - Prolific portraitist of notable Europeans and Americans

born on June 01, 1926 (d. 1962)

Marilyn Monroe

The Blonde Bombshell