Suzie Plakson

Suzie Plakson is an American actress, singer, writer, and artist, known for her versatile roles across various television series and films. Her work with the “Star Trek” franchise is particularly notable for her portrayals of multiple memorable characters.

Key Roles in “Star Trek”:

  1. K’Ehleyr in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”:
    – Suzie Plakson first appeared in the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode “The Emissary” (Season 2, Episode 20) as K’Ehleyr, a half-Klingon, half-human diplomat. She reprised this role in the episode “Reunion” (Season 4, Episode 7).
    – K’Ehleyr is known for her strong-willed and independent nature, as well as for being the love interest of Lieutenant Worf, with whom she has a son, Alexander.

  2. Dr. Selar in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”:
    – Plakson also played the Vulcan doctor, Dr. Selar, in the episode “The Schizoid Man” (Season 2, Episode 6). Although this character had a brief appearance, it showcased Plakson’s ability to embody different alien personas convincingly.

  3. The Female Q in “Star Trek: Voyager”:
    – In the “Star Trek: Voyager” series, Plakson played the Female Q in the episode “The Q and the Grey” (Season 3, Episode 11). This character is part of the Q Continuum and is involved in a storyline with the mischievous Q, played by John de Lancie.

  4. Tarah in “Star Trek: Enterprise”:
    – Plakson appeared as Tarah, an Andorian officer, in the “Star Trek: Enterprise” episode “Cease Fire” (Season 2, Episode 15). Her performance added depth to the complex relationships and political tensions within the Andorian species.

Contribution and Legacy:

Suzie Plakson’s work in “Star Trek” is well-regarded for her ability to bring distinct and memorable characters to life, each with unique traits and storylines. Her contributions have left a lasting impact on the franchise, earning her a special place in the hearts of “Star Trek” fans.

Plakson’s versatility as an actress allowed her to seamlessly transition between different species and roles, demonstrating her range and talent. Her performances have contributed to the rich tapestry of the “Star Trek” universe, adding depth and diversity to the series.