Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, Her Serene Highness The Princess Grace, was born on November 12, 1929 as Grace Patricia Kelly, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on September 14, 1982 in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Monaco.

Grace Kelly
was conceived around February 5, 1929
and has 1 event

A full gestation takes 280 days. Have you ever checked what happend when you were conceived? You should, because it matters.

284 days before
(or 9 months and 11 days)


The Broadway Melody
It happened on 1 February, 1929

American pre-Code musical film and the first sound film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture. It was one of the first musicals to feature a Technicolor sequence, which sparked the trend of color being used in a flurry of musicals that would hit the screens in 1929–1930.Featuring: Bessie Love, Charles King, Anita Page.

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Bessie Love
American-British actress Whose career spanned 8 decades
Grace Kelly
Her Serene Highness The Princess Grace
Pope Pius XI

Grace Kelly’s Accomplishments

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The Hitchcock film Rear Window is released
It happened on 1 September, 1954

Featuring: Alfred Hitchcock, James Stewart, Grace Kelly.


The Miss America Pageant is broadcast on television for the first time.
It happened on 11 September, 1954

Featuring: Miriam Stevenson, Grace Kelly.


The 29th Academy Awards Ceremony is held in Hollywood. Around the World in 80 Days wins Best Picture.
It happened on 27 March, 1957

Featuring: Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Quinn, David Niven, Yul Brynner, Mike Todd, Grace Kelly.


US actress Grace Kelly marries Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, in a civil ceremony at the Prince's Palace of Monaco
It happened on 18 April, 1958

Featuring: Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier.


Princess Grace of Monaco dies after having suffered a car crash a few days previously.
It happened on 14 September, 1982

Featuring: Grace Kelly.

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