Frederick M. Delius

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Who was the mysterious Frederick M. Delius, Princess Vilma‘s oft-mentioned General Factotum?

He is always mentioned in all of Vilma’s gossip fodder, as her “General” and power of attorney. He appeared in only one photo, with his colleagues in 1915.

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The Princess Vilmawas surrounded by people related to her personal parental figures Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII. Her closest acolytes were Frederick Bridge and Edward Elgar. Both these men were accomplished musicians and favorites of the royal couple. Their appointments in the years where Her Serene Highness visited the United States twice a year were entirely compatible with this travel schedule.

King Edward VII was exceedingly protective of Princess Vilma, who was the daughter of his wife Alexandra of Denmark.

I have opened the profiles of the three wonderful men of music who may have played the role of “Frederick M. Delius”.

born on December 05, 1844

Frederick Bridge

English organist, composer, teacher and writer

born on June 02, 1857

Edward Elgar

English composer, many of whose works have entered the British and international classical concert repertoire

The next person to consider is Frederick Delius, the German composer. He has the same name! Frederick Delius, the composer, was a discreeet son of Abraham Lincon who worked closely with Princess Vilma’s father Henry Halleck during the Civil War. Princess Vilma always liked to drop the name of Abraham Lincoln, every time she could.

born on January 26, 1862

Frederick Delius

English composer

The image used in this profile comes from from The Star Tribune of January 3, 1915

Here is my own assesment of who Frederick M. Delius was, in relationship to the other people I track in the Xanadu blockchain. This may change in the future.

Frederick M. Delius
January 01, 1844
First Attache and General Factotum of Princess Vilma-Lwoff parlaghy
Isambard Kingdom Brunel
English civil engineer who is considered one of the most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history,