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Hugh Hefner and Leo

I am Marie-Lynn, daughter of Leo, the Sound Engineer who wired the Playboy mansion for sound in 1974. My biological father is Hugh Hefner, editor-publisher of Playboy Magazine. Hugh Henfer provided logistics and IVF services to Plus Ultra saints and scientists who make even more saints and scientists!

I am a descendent of Tesla and Edison.

My closest presidential ancestor is Harry S. Truman.

Mind Blown? Require Support?

Welcome to Pingcognito’s attempt at supporting random people of the internet about this personal project.

In order to join my community, try Patreon.

Do send:

  • Feedback! If you formulate scientifically, you shall be considered a peer reviewer!
  • Your gobsmacking discoveries, especially the inside jokes that DNA parents bake into their registrations!
  • Questions. If you have used the date explorer on yourself and require help completing the process, you can describe your process.
  • Consulting requests. I will soon offer people Soul Ancestry and Soul Train analysis so people can understand better why they turned out so weird and wonderful! First, I will release the tutorials on how you can get started.

Don’t send:

  • Old memes you found on the internet. I have already read the entire internet because I got on the internet when there were less than 10,000 web pages!
  • Stuff you found in Wikipedia. I have access to the officially supported version of history, just like you. I only care about the previously unpublished information that was formatted into an easy puzzle by the smartest people. Gutenberg made it possible for people to publish drivel and jokes… that’s where the meat is!
  • Dick pics. Although the dick pic is a wonderful self-declaration that you do not deserve the Plus Ultra project that specifically manifested The Cell Phone!

You decide what future you want to manifest with your bitten apple!

Your e-mail will be reviewed by your mother, before being submitted to me.

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