An Army of Ghosts

The Ghost Army is a United States Army tactical deception unit that was active during World War II officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops.

This unit pretends to be disbanded. It received a congressonal gold medal from President Joe Biden on February 1, 2022.

It is a group of tens of thousands of actors who occupy all kinds of positions in the public sector.

All of the assets of The Ghost Army are registered as such in the public record.

See this book for an explanation of Cecil B. DeMille’s soldiers (FREE CHAPTERS).

The Ghost Army owns the popular culture layer of communication and uses it to pass on the details of their missions going back to the days of Lincoln. The Ghost Army has always existed, but it is only publicly exzplained via its work during WWII.

The Ghost Army discloses it’s plans and projects 100 years in advance, and reminds us 50, 25 and 5 years in advance via popular culture, notably variety shows and humorous films.

As it turns out, the worst people in the world do not have a sense of humor, so they couldn’t possibly understand what’s coming to them!

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