The 1776 Patriot Art Series, 100+ Delightful Copyright Free Images for Your Projects

By popular demand, I am offering the entire collection of images featured on our hang-out streams! This will help me raise money to be able to continue my work, in 2023!

You may use these images as you see fit for personal projects!

They are 2304 x 1536 pixels. Each image is about 6 megs!

These images were created by Marie-Lynn using Midjourney.
Some images have been retouched with Procreate.

If you would like to license one of these images for commercial reasons, you may contact me and obtain a higher-resolution image for your needs (pingcognito at gmail).

Once you have paid, you will receive a download link for your images. Please be aware that the archive is 641 Gigs.

Thank you for contributing to the continuation of the [P]ingcognito project!