Sophie Opel

Sophie Opel, German industrialist, was born on February 13, 1840.

Sophie Opel has at least one detectable alternate identity. During the Civil War, her image was used to represent the Lincoln Assasination co-conspirator Mary Surratt. Her husband, Adam Opel, shares an identity with John Wilkes Booth. All the actors who play a role in the "life squad" of "Death Takes a Holiday" try to be as obvious as possible in their communications to make sure the future will be able to validate the past, independently, using the public record.

born on May 01, 1823

Mary Surratt

American boarding house owner in Washington, D.C. , who was convicted of taking part in the conspiracy which led to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

born on February 13, 1840

Sophie Opel

German industrialist

Born 4 days apart

Notable people are born as a set of twins and registered close together.

born on February 09, 1840

William T. Sampson

United States Navy rear admiral known for his victory in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish–American War.

born on February 13, 1840

Sophie Opel

German industrialist

Sophie Opel
was conceived around May 9, 1839
and has 1 event

A full gestation takes 280 days. Have you ever checked what happend when you were conceived? You should, because it matters.

282 days before
(or 9 months and 6 days)


The Bedchamber Crisis begins in the United Kingdom, after Prime Minister Lord Melbourne announces his resignation.
It happened on 7 May, 1839

Featuring: William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne.

Xanadu Registrants

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Hannah Van Buren
March 08, 1783
wife of the eighth President of the United States, Martin Van Buren
Sophie Opel
February 13, 1840
German industrialist
William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne
March 15, 1779
British Whig politician who served as Home Secretary (1830–1834) and Prime Minister (1834 and 1835–1841)

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