Pia Zadora

Hillary Brooke
American film actress
Pia Zadora
May 04, 1954
American actress and singer
Charles H. Zimmerman
January 01, 1908
Aeronautical engineer, whose work on novel airfoil configurations led to several notable experimental aircraft programs

From Mercury to Gemini


Preliminary studies were completed by C. E. Brown, W. J. O'Sullivan, Jr., and C. H. Zimmerman at the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory relative to the study of the problems of human spaceflight and a suggested test vehicle to investigate these problems

It happened on 30 July, 1953

Featuring: Charles H. Zimmerman.

Born at the same time

born on May 04, 1954

Pia Zadora

American actress and singer

born on April 29, 1954

Jerry Seinfeld

The strange and intriguing story of Jerry Seinfeld’s parents