Patty Regan

Patty Regan was born on February 14, 1930.

Patty Regan
was conceived around May 10, 1929
and has 3 events

A full gestation takes 280 days. Have you ever checked what happend when you were conceived? You should, because it matters.

277 days before
(or 9 months and 1 day)


Gangsters from eight U.S. states, including Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Johnny Torrio and Bugsy Siegel, met in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to form a national crime syndicate. Over the next three days they settled disputes, agreed upon territorial boundaries and strolled along the boardwalk in full view of the media

It happened on 13 May, 1929

Featuring: Johnny Torrio, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone.

263 days before
(or 8 months and 18 days)


Edward Dean Adams appears on the cover of TIME Magazine for May 27, 1929
It happened on 27 May, 1929

Featuring: Edward Dean Adams.

286 days before
(or 9 months and 10 days)


The comedy duo of Laurel and Hardy made the jump to talking films with the release of Unaccustomed As We Are.
It happened on 4 May, 1929

Stan Laurel's famous whimper of panic was heard for the first time. As was Oliver Hardy's catchphrase, "Why don't you do something to help me!"Featuring: Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Stan Laurel, Lewis R. Foster, Leo McCarey, Hal Roach, Thelma Todd.

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Mae Busch
Australian-born actress who worked in both silent and sound films in early Hollywood
Patty Regan
February 14, 1930
Edward Dean Adams
April 09, 1846
American businessman, banker, power broker and president of Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Manufacturing Company

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