Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert, American politician, businesswoman, and gun-rights activist, was born on December 19, 1986.

Born 2 days apart

Notable people are born as a set of twins and registered close together.

born on December 17, 1986

Jay Ersapah

Silicon Valley Bank executive Jay Ersapah pushed woke programs as the company's LGBTQ+ co-chair before it collapsed

born on December 19, 1986

Lauren Boebert

American politician, businesswoman, and gun-rights activist

Lauren Boebert
was conceived around March 14, 1986
and has 2 events

A full gestation takes 280 days. Have you ever checked what happend when you were conceived? You should, because it matters.

EXACTLY 280 days before
(or 9 months and 5 days)


Microsoft Corporation holds its initial public offering of stock shares.
It happened on 14 March, 1986

Microsoft Corporation, one of the technology industry's giants, went public with its initial public offering (IPO) on March 13, 1986. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the company had already made a significant impact on the personal computer industry with its MS-DOS operating system. The IPO, which took place on the NASDAQ stock exchange, was priced at $21 per share. Featuring: Bill Gates, Paul Allen. (more...)

269 days before
(or 8 months and 25 days)


The 58th Academy Awards are held in Los Angeles, with Out of Africa winning Best Picture.
It happened on 25 March, 1986

Featuring: Geraldine Page, Sydney Pollack, William Hurt.

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Geraldine Page
November 22, 1924
American actress
Lauren Boebert
December 19, 1986
American politician, businesswoman, and gun-rights activist
Paul Allen
January 21, 1953
American business magnate, computer programmer, researcher, investor, film producer, and philanthropist

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