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Would you like to see more Plus Ultra sourcing information? As a Patreon member, you can vote on which profiles get released and also see them before everyone else. Pingcognito is a history and genealogy research website for people of all ages. However, some of the information about our true history is only available to researchers who understand the delicate circumstances of history and its purposeful makers.

As a member, you will learn how to source true history via the people who made it! You will have access to a group of “Lords and Ladies of The Unbelievability” who will help you figure out how your world works!

We talk about the scientists and saints who form the only secret society in the world, Plus Ultra, and how this group is related to the U.S. Army’s 23rd Special Operations of The Ghost Army, as well as the Presidential Bloodline of the United States. Lastly, we elucidate the communications and culture of The Clowns in America, a group of mind magicians who descend from P.T. Barnum and collaborate create your daily reality, using 17 technology-magic!

Patreon members have can send questions to Marie-Lynn and obtain help in sourcing the origin of their own DNA! Plus Ultra has produced over 1,000,000 shining stars in the 20th Century in order to support this future! All of us are fully registered to our DNA providers in the open-source public record!

Patreon members also have access to series that are for adults only, such as the biographical information of serial killers, presidential assassins, sexual trigger performers, smooth criminals and other ready-made actors of history, going back 500 years!

Pingcognito currently has the biographical information of 10,000 people and 4,000 events that shaped this present where “Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” (George Orwell, 1984)


Listen to “The True Man” and explore history because…

“There is nothing new
in the world except the history
you do not know!”

Harry S. Truman
33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason and,
33rd President of The United States

A good reason to join…

Harry S. Truman will be the star of the series “Daddy Issues” where we explore the children of the U.S. Presidential Bloodline who were conceived on Inauguration Day! Hold on to your hat, Harry S. Truman has registered over 25 people who have made history!

Furthermore, our members get access to additional information, every day.

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