The first assassination attempt is made against Umberto I of Italy by anarchist Giovanni Passannante, armed with a dagger

It Happened on
November 17, 1878


Excerpt from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, November 18, 1878 The news comes from Italy that another would-be murderer has sought to kill King Umberto. The King was entering Naples, accompanied by the Premier, Signor Cairolli, when he was assailed by a man armed with a poniard. The Minister tried to seize him, but was himself wounded in the thigh, and Umberto was compelled to draw his sword and strike the assassin In self-defense. The wretch was then at last secured.

280 days later...

Three sets of apparent twins apear!

born on September 15, 1879

Joseph Lyons

10th Prime Minister of Australia (1932-39)

born on September 20, 1879

Victor Sjöström

Pioneering Swedish film director, screenwriter, and actor

born on August 24, 1879

Lew Kelly

American stage and film actor. He appeared in more than 200 films between 1928 and 1944

born on September 06, 1879

Max Schreck

German actor (Count Orlok-Nosferatu)

born on August 21, 1879

Henry Ainley

English actor (As You Like It)

born on August 21, 1879

Claude Grahame-White

English aviation pioneer who was the 1st to make a night flight

And a mystery!

born on August 26, 1879

Brushy Bill Roberts

Claimed to have been "Billy The Kid" just before he passed

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People featured in this post:

Benedetto Cairoli

Italian Prime Minister under King Umberto I

Giovanni Passannante

So-called anarchist who attempted to kill King Umberto I of Italy in 1878

Umberto I of Italy

King of Italy from 9 January 1878 until his assassination on 29 July 1900