Hotel New World collapses, 33 killed and 17 rescued from rubble.

It Happened on
March 15, 1986

On Saturday, March 15, 1986, a catastrophic event unfolded in Singapore when the six-story Hotel New World, located on Serangoon Road in the city’s Little India neighborhood, suddenly collapsed. This tragic incident resulted in the loss of 33 lives, while 17 fortunate individuals were rescued from the debris in a harrowing rescue operation that involved numerous first responders and volunteers. The hotel, serving as both a commercial and residential complex, was inhabited by guests, staff members, and tenants at the time of the collapse. Investigations into the disaster revealed structural issues and weakened support columns as key contributing factors. Additionally, renovations to the building had potentially compromised its structural integrity.

Nine months later…
A parade of girls who look the same!

born on December 19, 1986

Lauren Boebert

American politician, businesswoman, and gun-rights activist

born on December 17, 1986

Jay Ersapah

Silicon Valley Bank executive Jay Ersapah pushed woke programs as the company's LGBTQ+ co-chair before it collapsed

In September 2023, a video of Lauren Boebert was released to the public. Following this, Rep. Lauren Boebert has been removed from the bill of a conservative Christian youth summit following an incident where she was kicked out of a Denver theater for getting handsy with her date and vaping. With supervillains like these, who needs frenemies?

In May of 2023, Jay Ersapah, Silicon Valley Bank executive was blamed for pushing woke programs as the company’s LGBTQ+ co-chair before it collapsed. That must be it… this must be the sole reason why this is the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history and the largest since the financial crisis in 2008.

born on December 19, 1986

Annie Murphy

Canadian actress best known for her starring role as Alexis Rose in the sitcom Schitt's Creek

born on December 18, 1986

Andrea Trepat

Spanish actress known for the awarded short film "Morir cada día" (2010)

born on December 13, 1986

Jessica Blackmore

Actress known for Monsters of Man

born on December 17, 1986

Vanessa Zima

American actress known for her roles as a child actress in the 1990s films The Baby-Sitters Club