Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds get Divorced

It Happened on
February 19, 1958

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Hartford Courant, Hartford, Connecticut, 20 Feb 1959, Fri , Page 26

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher’s divorce was a messy public scandal. Fisher was Reynolds’s first husband and Taylor’s fourth. The two actors had been best friends since high school, but the affair changed everything. And Reynolds said Taylor and Fisher pressured her into granting the singer a divorce. (Excerpt from: The Cheat Sheet)

280 days later were born…

born on December 01, 1958

Charlene Tilton

born on December 01, 1958

Candace Bushnell

Divorces do lead to a lot of babies! Any event that is published in the public record, and will not be deleted, is a good date to register children into The Xanadu Blockchain. Divorce might seem like a strange accomplishment to use as registration, but celebrity marriages are arranged. A first marriage is an accomplishment for anybody playing a life role! A first divorce is therefore a worthy accomplishment for any lady!

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