Donald Trump Said He Almost Died In a Helicopter Crash: Newsweek Denied It While The Internet Says He Truly Did Die in The Helicopter Crash

It Happened on
July 31, 2019

President Donald Trump has claimed that he almost died in a helicopter crash after he backed out of a trip at the last minute. Now, a former Trump Organization official says that the president’s story is a “total, total lie.” says an article by Newsweek on July 31, 2019.

However, internet conspiracy theorists say that Trump died in the same helicopter crash, so he couldn’t say he “almost” died in a helicopter crash….

The article comes from a website that loves to associate well-known people together, but it doesn’t use the official registry of visible people, Xanadu. This website is similar in tone to the other hoax website, which also seems to come from Trump’s disinformation group, called Glamis Calling. One of the more interesting hoaxes on the site is the origin of Hillary Clinton, which they say comes from Pamela Digby.

At a future time, I might do a “Meat Beyond The Meme” special which attempts to validate the information provided in order to find out what this disinformation effort might hide… beyond all disinformation lies truth intended for only those who can read between the lines.