Reviewing Mind Unveiled on Youtube: Fabricated History: Pompeii

18 months ago I entered into a purposeful cancellation of time! You read that right, I stopped using the most demonic of Sumerian inventions, just to see what will happen. I am not a millionaire, I have just simplified my life completely and canceled the future when shut down hit. Our province, Quebec, was under 2 two-week lockdowns that lasted 9 months with curfew and vax pass. I am only starting to look at where I could go! But now, I don’t realy feel like going out!

But I have started watching “newsworthy” content again and have chosen to focus my attention on Mind Unveiled on Youtube.

This channel understands that history is a purposeful composition and not just something that happens organically.

It is therefore worth my while to listen to each insight and see how my research can support it. Before I get started, I wanted to say that there is ample support for “The Theory of Repopulation“. It is quite obviousl that our population was shuffled around.

My own research, however, deals with very visible people in society who publish. Oh, the things I can tell you about people who write books!

So let’s start!

At 2:50 in the video, we meet Joseph Justus Scaliger, a French Calvinist religious leader and scholar, known for expanding the notion of classical history from Greek and ancient Roman history to include Persian, Babylonian, Jewish and ancient Egyptian history. He spent the last sixteen years of his life in the Netherlands.

All people who are allowed to publish receive this permission via their “god parents” who also had this permission. In this reality, the permission to READ and WRITE is 666. So if you are afraid of that number, please do not read my upcoming content on 777 or 888 class angels!

In addition, Joseph is a religious leader which means he must come from the queen, the pope or a religious leader!

A visible member of society is registered into Xanadu, the oldest blockhain in the world on the day they are conceived.

Hold on to your hat this story spans hundreds of years, but you will know for certain where Joseph got his stuff!

Around October 30, 1539, two things happened that give us a clue about the people who are so proud of Joseph!

Anne of Cleves was Queen of England from 6 January to 9 July 1540 as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII.

On Wednesday, October 04, 1539, Henry VIII contracts to marry Anne of Cleves. Anne’s mention in the public record is an occasion to produce a “registered Heaven-sent” child before her wedding. All princesses produce children before they marry. Most princesses only get a few entries into the public record in their lifetime and the engagement and wedding ALWAYS lead to conceptions.

Plus Ultra is a network managed by women. This concept angers the dudebros of history. Mothers hold immense love throughout HERstory for the 20 children per lifetime they make to invent everything for you! This love is readily accessible to me in the unified field (Akash) of our family, and I pull lots of content from it. Xanadu exists to support our natural ability to remember our past lives as it connects to the permanent record.

If angelic children were not manifested to make art, write books or whatever, nothing would happen on Earth!

The nature of humanity is rather dark, and the further back you go, people did not have the ability to create or inspire for they lived “in he dark”. No inspiration can come from people who accept and practice sacrifice culture. The point of making writers and inventors is to enlighten in a holistic manner and produce examples of what people can do. Jesus was a traveling salesman of people’s true potential, and all people who come from Plus Ultra will constantly DO STUFF to walk the path of Christ and serve humanity.

Then, humanity kills the messenger.

So lots of angels have to be produced!

Joachim II (German: Joachim II Hector or Hektor; 13 January 1505 – 3 January 1571) was a Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg (1535–1571), the sixth member of the House of Hohenzollern.

Let’s continue sourcing our writer…

On Wednesday, November 1, 1539, Joachim II Hector introduces Lutheranism in the Margraviate of Brandenburg, becoming the second Prince-Elector after the Prince-Elector of Saxony to turn Protestant.

Now we have a future queen and a religious leader.

Mind Unveiled often uses a quote about the hyperboreans bringing religion or spirituality and letters to all…

THESE ARE my people!

Plus Ultra has purposefully created hundreds of religious and spiritual movements to offer people freedom and protect them from the Vatican’s habit of taking all and making themselves infallible! The monopolistic attitude of The Vatican is just The Same Old Romans putting on a new suit to continue doing what they do, which is invading the world!

So what the story here?

I wanted to attract your attention to two things.

First of all, Joachim II is a member of the House of Hohenzollern. The emblem of House of Hohenzollern (Kaiser Wilhelm II) tells us exactly what their gimmick is. They work hard to produce contrast on Earth so that things move faster. They are the home of 17 technology-magic which is the system used every day by the media to advance the narrative of a paramount project.

What is The Paramount Project? Well, it is to advance consciousness on Earth by providing contrast and creating a civilization that will descend into complete materialism. Without materialism, humanity cannot care about technology. And technology is necessary to accomplish planetary goals. Angels who can fly and communicate telepathically cannot think to invent the airplane or the phone for everybody else! This process is documented fully and Adam Weishaupt wrote a treatise on Materialism as his contribution to the effort.

Additionally, Plus Ultra protects scientists so they don’t become Mad Scientists!

Now, let’s look at the important person on the day Anne of Cleves.

Anne of Cleves was born on September 22, 1515 on the same day as another future world leader.

born on September 22, 1515

Anne of Cleves

Queen of England as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII

born on September 22, 1515 (d. 1578)

Piali Pasha

Ottoman Grand Admiral (Kapudan Pasha) between 1553 and 1567, and a Vizier (minister) after 1568

On October 16, 1514, Louis XII of France married Mary Tudor (sister of King Henry VIII of England) at Abbeville, as part of the English peace with France.

born on March 18, 1496 (d. 1533)

Mary Tudor, Queen of France

English princess who was briefly queen of France

born on September 22, 1515

Anne of Cleves

Queen of England as the fourth wife of King Henry VIII

I can expand on the provenance of Mary Tudor at another time, but she is not related to her brother as one might imagine… the true dna tree of royalty is completely different, and exposes a different history of the world!

English statesman and Catholic bishop. When Henry VIII became King of England in 1509, Wolsey became the king’s almoner.

The bride always chooses a partner who is different than her husband, and the husband makes children with a few ladies in waiting, every time it is appropriate! Of course, the gentleman is trusted and beloved by the king too! This process is based on respect. The children are conceived immaculately and made of mutual love, admiration, and respect by all people involved in the agreement process. This is not occultic at all, it involves prayer and good intentions for the children produced.

This is how you were made too! And you were born to a hidden princess of the true royal family of Earth, the Family of Yeshua ben Josef.

Mary Tudor chose Thomas Wolsey who was appointed Archbishop of York in England at the same time!

In closing, I wanted to stress that Piali Pasha, the twin brother of Anne of Cleves is the father of Sir Francis Bacon!

Yes, THAT Sir Francis Bacon!

I am overjoyed to look up all the other people mentioned in the Mind Unveiled and doing this work, in order to understand where our completely fabricated reality came from! But please understand we are currently living in the psychological splash zone of an immense law enforcement operation that has maintained the world in a sort of Martial Law since 1775.

I will let you chew on that for a while!

born on September 22, 1515 (d. 1578)

Piali Pasha

Ottoman Grand Admiral (Kapudan Pasha) between 1553 and 1567, and a Vizier (minister) after 1568

born on January 22, 1561 (d. 1626)

Francis Bacon

English philosopher and statesman who served as Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England. His works are seen as developing the scientific method and remained influential through the scientific revolution

Voice Mail from The Otherworld

Every public person in history
is registered
before they are conceived.
Their godparents
manifest them lovingly
to become people
who make gifts to humanity.

A voicemail awaits!

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