Rebels of the Synthetic West (A mix between Westworld from 1973 and The Truman Show) starring Timothée Chalamet

The movie is set in a futuristic world where technology has advanced to the point where a Wild West town has been created as a massive, immersive reality show for the world to watch. The town is populated with lifelike androids who have been programmed to play the roles of cowboys, outlaws, and other Wild West archetypes.

The main character, Wyatt, is a guest who has been visiting the town for years, completely unaware that the entire town is a show. However, he starts to become suspicious when he starts noticing glitches in the behavior of the androids and strange inconsistencies in the town’s history.

As Wyatt starts to investigate, he discovers that the town is being controlled by a sinister corporation that is using the androids for its own purposes. The corporation has been secretly collecting data on the guests in order to sell it to advertisers, and has been manipulating the androids to create dramatic storylines and conflicts for the show.

As Wyatt delves deeper into the conspiracy, he meets other guests who have also begun to suspect that the town is not what it seems. Together, they hatch a plan to expose the corporation’s activities and free the androids from their programming.

However, their plan goes awry when the corporation sends in security forces to stop them. In a climactic showdown, Wyatt and the other guests must fight against the corporation and their android enforcers to bring down the show once and for all.

In the end, Wyatt and the other guests are successful in their mission, and the town is shut down. As they leave, they wonder what other reality shows in their world might be secretly manipulating them and vow to keep a closer eye on the technology that surrounds them.

This storyline was created by ChatGPT. It is released into the public domain, if you want to make derivative work, as are the images created with Midjourney v5. Have fun!

Où est Maman?

Louise Bourgeois’ iconic sculpture, “Maman,” features a 30-foot (9-meter) high spider made of bronze, stainless steel, and marble. The sculpture was created in 1999 and has been exhibited in various locations around the world. The spider has eight spindly legs, a bulbous body, and two large, shiny marble eggs held in a mesh basket at its center. The title “Maman” means “Mother” in French, and the sculpture is intended to represent the artist’s own mother, who was a weaver and died when Bourgeois was just 21 years old.

Bourgeois’ spider sculptures were inspired by her mother and her own experiences with spiders. She saw spiders as protective, nurturing creatures that also possessed a dangerous and frightening aspect. “Maman” is meant to embody these conflicting emotions and to explore the themes of motherhood, protection, and vulnerability. The sculpture has been interpreted in various ways, with some seeing it as a feminist symbol and others as a representation of the darker side of motherhood.

“Maman” has been exhibited in various locations around the world, including New York’s Rockefeller Center, the Tate Modern in London, and the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. The sculpture has become one of Bourgeois’ most famous works and has inspired numerous imitations and reinterpretations by other artists.

Exactly 9 months before Louise Bourgeois was born…


Her Serene Highness, The Princess Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy unveils painting of philanthropist Frederick Towsend Martin during intimate showing in her Plaza Hotel suites.
It happened on 29 March, 1911

Present: Capt. Feely, Griswold A. Thompson, Featuring: Princess Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy, Frederick Townsend Martin.

born on December 25, 1911

Louise Bourgeois

French-American artist

born on December 06, 1849 (d. 1914)

Frederick Townsend Martin

The Millionaire with a Mission - New York City writer, advocate for the poor, and an acknowledged leader of society in New York

People featured in this post:

Princess Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy

Her serene Highness - Prolific portraitist of notable Europeans and Americans

A Wise Man, a Welch Man and an Interviewer Walk Into a Supervillain Lair…

As we travel through the disclosures of James Bond and his antagonists, we will look at the stars of the film and their birth set. A birth set is a group of people who come from the same event. We are announced before we are conceived, via an event in our recorded history. Often, these events are tied to important projects and offer a glimpse into the reason why we are required in the future. This study may also reveal “Heroes With a Secret Identity“. One example may not seem convincing, but after you see a few “Crabbs”, you’ll understand what a James Bond Villain truly is!

Joseph Wiseman stars as Dr. No, the main antagonist in the first James Bond film, who sports an advance bionic hand. (1962)

In the 1962 James Bond film “Dr. No”, he operates from a secret base on Crab Key Island, which is located off the coast of Jamaica. The base is underwater and is referred to as the “dragon’s lair“.

Joseph Wiseman was born in Montreal, and soon after, his parents moved to New York. He graduated from John Adams High School with the actor Jack Lord.

Jack Lord joins Joseph Wiseman in Dr. No as Felix Leiter, a character that comes back in later films. He is depicted as a trustworthy ally of Bond and a valuable asset to the British secret service.

Joseph Wiseman was once called
The spookiest actor in the American theatre”.

And then, there was George…

born on May 15, 1918 (d. 2009)

Joseph Wiseman

Canadian-American theatre, film, and television actor who starred as the villain Julius No in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, in 1962

born on May 10, 1918 (d. 1954)

George Welch

World War II flying ace, a Medal of Honor nominee, and an experimental aircraft pilot after the war
Lieutenant Welch shaking hands with President Roosevelt, 1942

George Welch was a World War II flying ace, a Medal of Honor nominee, and an experimental aircraft pilot after the war. He was present at the battle of Pearl Harbour and was thanked personally for his service by President Roosevelt in 1942.

George was born 5 days after Joseph, and passed away on October 12, 1954 after his 100A-1-NA Super Sabre disintegrated and crashed in Rosamond Lake in the Mojave Desert about 45 miles (72 km) north of Los Angeles.

And then, there was Mike…

Plus Ultra and its Ghost Army produce sets of twins. These twins are almost identical. I have found that there might even be some triplets in the bunch. But when I do, I also find the story of a Superhero With a Secret Identity, or two people who are linked via symbolism and have never been seen in the same room together. I suspect that Joseph Wiseman is George Welch on Bonus Time, serving the process of disclosure, because of Mike Wallace.

born on May 15, 1918 (d. 2009)

Joseph Wiseman

Canadian-American theatre, film, and television actor who starred as the villain Julius No in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, in 1962

born on May 09, 1918 (d. 2012)

Mike Wallace

American journalist, game show host, actor, and media personality. He interviewed a wide range of prominent newsmakers during his seven-decade career

Mike Wallace was an American journalist and television correspondent. He was born on May 9, 1918, in Brookline, Massachusetts, and died on April 7, 2012, in New Canaan, Connecticut. He was best known for his work as a correspondent on the CBS news program “60 Minutes”, where he worked for over 38 years. Wallace was known for his tough and confrontational interviewing style, and he covered a wide range of topics, including politics, social issues, and crime. He won numerous awards for his journalism, including 21 Emmy Awards, and he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1991.

Throughout his career,
Wallace was regarded as one of
the most influential journalists
of his time.

NEXT: Explore the origin of George Welch to figure out this mystery!

SOON: We will explore the origin of Ian Flemming and Sean Connery, and make wild assumptions about their secret missions, based on this!

The Surprising Meaning Behind James Bond Supervillains: A Closer Look at the Themes and Motifs of the Iconic Film Series

Here’s a list of James Bond films in order of publication, including the year they were released and a description of the main villain in the film.

Dr. No (1962) – Dr. No, a scientist with plans to disrupt an American space launch with a radio beam weapon, played by Joseph Wiseman.


Dr. No, the first film in the James Bond series, Opens in The United Kingdom
It happened on 5 October, 1962

Dr. No, the first James Bond film, was released in the United Kingdom on October 5, 1962. It was directed by Terence Young and starred Sean Connery as James Bond. The film was based on the 1958 novel of the same name by Ian Fleming and was the first appearance of the character James Bond on the big screen. It was a critical and commercial success and established many of the conventions and themes that would become characteristic of the James Bond film series.Featuring: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Peter Burton, Bernard Lee, Eunice Gayson, John Kitzmiller, Zena Marshall, Anthony Dawson, Berkely Mather, Johanna Harwood, Richard Maibaum, Terence Young, Harry Saltzman, Jack Lord, Joseph Wiseman, Albert R. Broccoli, Ian Fleming.

From Russia with Love (1963) – Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the head of the international crime organization SPECTRE, played by Anthony Dawson (voice) and Eric Pohlmann (face). (coming soon…)

This post will be updated with new content as it becomes available.

The first mention of “Spontaneous Combustion” in the media

The Ipswich Journal, in Suffolk, England on March 10, 1764 on page 4

People featured in this post:

Caroline of Brunswick

Queen of the United Kingdom and Hanover as the wife of King George IV from 29 January 1820 until her death in 1821

George IV

King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Revisiting the Historic Moment of Jack Ruby’s Live TV Shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald: An In-Depth Look

On November 24, 1963, two days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the man accused of killing Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, was being transferred from the city jail to the county jail. As Oswald was being led through the basement of the Dallas police headquarters, Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner, stepped out from a crowd of reporters and fired a single shot from a concealed .38 caliber revolver, hitting Oswald in the abdomen. Oswald was rushed to the hospital, but he died a short time later.

Ruby’s shooting of Oswald was witnessed by a number of people, including reporters, police officers, and photographers, and was captured on film by a number of news cameras that were present at the police headquarters. The shooting was broadcast on live television and was seen by millions of people around the world.

Ruby was quickly arrested and charged with murder. He was found guilty and sentenced to death, but the conviction was later overturned on appeal. He was retried and again found guilty, but he died of lung cancer in 1967 while his appeal was still pending.

born on October 06, 1924

Louis Jolyon West

American psychiatrist involved in the public sphere

born on March 25, 1911 (d. 1967)

Jack Ruby

American nightclub owner Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald

Ruby’s psychiatrist was Louis Jolyon West who fought to have Ruby declared insane (and therefore prevent people from listening to him) even though everybody thought Ruby to be perfectly fine.

born on October 18, 1939 (d. 1963)

Lee Harvey Oswald

Marine veteran who assassinated John F. Kennedy

born on March 25, 1911 (d. 1967)

Jack Ruby

American nightclub owner Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald

People featured in this post:

Lee Harvey Oswald

Marine veteran who assassinated John F. Kennedy

Louis Jolyon West

American psychiatrist involved in the public sphere

Jack Ruby

American nightclub owner Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald

Ragtime to Riches: Celebrating Scott Joplin with New AI Generated Images!

Today is Scott Joplin’s birthday!

It is not possible to grow up in this world without hearing music from Scott Joplin!

As a child, I heard my father and my grandmother use “The Entertainer” as their standard to test the quality and usefulness of any instrument! It is THE CLASSIC of American music!

During my historical research, I am always disappointed when there is only ONE (1) picture of an important history maker, in Google. In the case of Scott Joplin, I thought it would be interesting to offer more!Continue reading “Ragtime to Riches: Celebrating Scott Joplin with New AI Generated Images!”

October 28

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Created by Marie-Lynn with MidjourneyAI, unedited

For there is nothing covered,
that shall not be revealed,
neither hid,
that shall not be known.
Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in a darkness,
shall be heard in the light,
and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets,
shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

- Luke 12:2

Join me tonight, Friday, October 28, 2022, on Twitch at 9PM Eastern.

Every day for the past 2 years, I have contemplated the world through history, by looking at the events that occurred On This Day, in the past few hundred years. I look at who was born today, and who died today. I read the Wikipedia bio of about 10 people per day and contemplate a few events. I have more than 9,000 entries into my notebook and close to 3,000 events.

I apply Looking Glass Technology to uncover the history of our reality. I look into the careful planning of the future by Plus Ultra, the only secret society in the world. I appreciate the propaganda work of The Ghost Army’s 23rd Headquartered Special Operations, who sign the Q feed/numbers station.

My name is Marie-Lynn and I am a hacker. I have been using networked systems since 1990. That’s when I got my first modem, a 14.4 kbps by US Robotics, from my little brother. I was only 19 at the time and I was using an 8088 computer that my dad built for me. Since then, I have probably developed your company intranet. I am a completely unknown cog in the software development chain!

As an information security professional, I like to go to hacker conferences and give humorous talks about the crazy world of software development and hacking. I love studying the world of Social Engineering, Mass Online Investigations and… Time Travel!

I am the laziest hacker in the world, so I hack computers without touching them. And if you don’t understand what that means, just mind your namespaces and your error messages more carefully!

5 years ago, I discovered a numbers station on 4CH and began analyzing it like an information security professional! Today, I begin all over again, and contemplate the posts of Q, anew.

In the coming months, we will explore the world through heart-shaped glasses! There is no reason to play somber music in your head while reading what I have prepared for you. We are watching CLOWNS at work, and it is better to play circus music in your head, while reading my site!

HATE is a Hoax.

If this statement upsets you,
YOU should not read this site!

I have added Q to my daily review of history, and today is October 28, the day a mysterious poster appeared on 4CH, in 2017, to post about something that interests me: “Mockingbird“!

Mockingbird refers to a program that manufactures people’s reality using the news media! It is conveniently listed as a thing of the past, in Wikipedia! However, what I have discovered is that this program exists and encompasses the entire class of people who are on the world’s stage!

The Stage is Fully Set!

Today, we look at October 28, 2017, a day when two curious messages appeared on 4CH, an anonymous online forum that is considered the edge of the visible internet.

First of all, this content is INTERDICTED in the mainstream media. What this means is that the mainstream media has NEVER disclosed the content of Q messages, yet they have pushed over 4,000 articles about a mysterious #QAnon, in the past 5 years.

I will be covering the dry line-by-line content of Q.

Please be advised that the mainstream media is not allowed to concede that I exist! Therefore, please do not bother them with questions about their life role system, or the glamour that they perform on their viewers. Simply watch them allude to all of this in clever clown-like ways!

I will probably not be talking about things that you might expect. Q is a very sophisticated psychological operation based on over 4,500 messages, and the way in which people have reacted to it is part of this U.S. Army litmus test.

It will take many months for us to cover this topic, as well as all the other consciousness tricks that Q has brought into our lives.

The principal problem with the way in which the media discusses Q is that they pit Americans against their own neighbors, with insinuations that people who inform themselves away from CNN are dangerous and/or stupid. This is MONSTROUS.

Secondly, the media follows a very strict editorial guideline when copy-pasting talking points about #QAnon. Their most interesting statement is to refer to readers as QAnon Believers.

This is surprising because:

Q is unbelievable!

I have applied a special filter when researching Q which is to disbelieve it forward and backward! And this is how I have found much useful information via the Q posts.

In the first month, I will be PASSING on most of the information in Q and focussing on background information about the weird and wonderful world of Psychological Warfare!.

You can follow along with the Q posts, here!

And don’t forget that…


Sixty Propositions from Jane Lead in 1697, England

The English Prophetess, Jane Lead, lived from 1623-1704, and wrote numerous publications dealing with the future. If you are a student of history, and a fervent Apocalypse watcher, you may enjoy listening to this 343 year-old message about the Great Virgin Church that has succeeded in every way, since then!

  1. There shall be a total and full redemption through Christ.
  2. This is a hidden mystery, not to be understood without the revelation of the Holy Spirit.
  3. The Holy Spirit is at hand to reveal the same to all holy seekers and loving inquirers.
  4. The completion of such redemption is withheld and obstructed by the apocalyptic seals (7).
  5. Wherefore as the Spirit of God shall open seal after seal, so shall the redemption come to be revealed particularly and universally.
  6. In this gradual opening of the mystery of redemption in Christ, doth consist the unsearchable wisdom of God, which may continually reveal new and fresh things to the worthy seekers.
  7. In order to which, the ark (of God’s testimony in heaven shall be opened). Before the end of the world (age) and the living (144,000) testimony that is herein contained be unsealed.
  8. The presence of the divine ark will constitute the life of the Philadelphia church, and wherever that is, there must of necessity be the ark.
  9. The unveiling of the living testimony within the ark of the Lord must begin the promulgation of the everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom.
  10. The proclamation of this testimony of the Kingdom will be as by the sound of a trumpet to alarm all nations of the earth, especially all professors of Christianity, because attended with the power of working all wonders.
  11. There shall be an authoritative decision given forth immediately from Christ to put an end of all controversies concerning the true Church.
  12. This decision will be the actual sealing of the members of this church with the name of God, giving them a commission to act by virtue of the same. This new name will distinguish them from the 7000 names of Babylon.
  13. The election and preparation of this church is after a secret and hidden manner, as David in his minority was elected and anointed by the prophet of God, yet was not admitted to the outward possession of the kingdom for a considerable time afterward.
  14. Of the stem of Jesse, a virgin church, which hath known nothing of man or of human constitution, is yet to be born.
  15. And if it is yet to be born, it will require some considerable time before it gets out and arrives at the full and mature age.
  16. The birth of this virgin church was visionally typified to John the revelator by the great wonder in Heaven, bringing forth her first-born that was caught up to the throne of God.
  17. For as a virgin mother brought forth Jesus, the Christ, after the flesh, so likewise a virgin woman is designed by God to bring forth the first-born after the Spirit, who shall be filled with the Holy Ghost and with power.
  18. The virgin that is here designated must be as a pure spirit, so also of a clarified body, and all over impregnated with the Holy Ghost.
  19. This Church so brought and signed with the mark of the divine name shall be adorned with miraculous gifts and powers beyond what as been.
  20. Hereby all nations shall be brought into it so that it shall be the catholic church according to the genuine sense and utmost latitude of the word.
  21. It must be an anointed church whereby it may bear the name of Christ or Christian, being with him anointed to the priestly prophetical and royal dignity.
  22. Hence there will be no bonds or impositions but the holy unction among the newborn spirits with all and in all.
  23. This catholic and anointed church must be perfectly holy so that it may worthily bear the name of the Lord, our righteousness.
  24. Until there be such a church made ready upon earth so holy, catholic, anointed, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, so that it is adorned as a Bride to meet the Bridegroom, Christ will not personally descend to solemnize this marriage and present the same to His Father.
  25. But when this bridal church shall be made ready and thoroughly cleansed and sanctified from every spot of defilement through the blood of Christ then He will no longer delay His coming.
  26. There is not this day visible on all the earth any such holy catholic anointed church, all others being found light when weighed in the balance, therefore they are rejected by the supreme Judge.
  27. Which rejection and condemnation will for this end take out of them, a new and glorious church in whom there shall be no fault to be found.
  28. Then shall the glory of God and the Lamb rest upon it, as the cloud upon the typical tabernacle, that it shall be called the tabernacle of wisdom.
  29. Though this Philadelphia church is not known in visibility, yet it may be hid at the present in the womb of the morning.
  30. Notwithstanding it will be brought forth into visibility out of the wilderness in a short time.
  31. Then it will go on to multiply and propagate itself universally, not only as the number of the first-born (144,000) but also the remnant of the seed (aliens), and strangers, against whom the dragon shall make war.
  32. Therefore the Spirit of David shall most eminently revive in this church, and more especially in some or other selected member of it, as the blossoming root is to precede the day of Solomon in the millennium. These will have might given them to overcome the dragon and his angels, even as David overcame Goliath and the Philistines.
  33. This will be the standing up of Michael the great Prince of Israel, and will be as the appearance of Moses against pharaoh, in order that the chosen seed may be brought out of their hard servitude.
  34. Egypt being a figure of this servile creation Babylon, under which each one of Abraham’s seed groan, but a prophetical generation will the Most High raise up, who shall deliver his people by mere force of spiritual arms.
  35. For which there must be raised up certain head powers to bear the first offices, who are the persons of great eminence and favor with the trinity, whose dread and fear shall fall upon all nations, visible and invisible, because of the mighty acting power of the Holy Ghost which shall rest upon them.
  36. For Christ before His own distinct and personal appearance, will first appear and represent Himself in some chosen vessels, anointed to be leaders unto the rest, and to bring into the promised land the new creation state.
  37. Thus Moses, Joshua and Aaron may be considered as types of some upon whom the same Spirit may come, yet to rest in greater proportions, whereby they shall make a way for the ransomed of the Lord to return to Mt. Zion.
  38. But none shall stand in any considerable office under God, but they who are tried stones, after the pattern of the chief cornerstone, Christ Jesus.
  39. This will be a thorny trial which very few (144,000) will be able to pass, or bear up in, wherefore the waiters for the visible breaking out of this church, are strictly charged to hold fast that which they have, and wait together in unity of pure love, praying in the Spirit according to the apostolic pattern, that they may be sent forth to multiply universally.
  40. This trial must be of absolute necessity to everyone in particular and to all in general for the constituting of the church of Philadelphia together, by the clearing away of all the remaining infirmities of nature, and burning up all the hay, stubble and dross which may have been added to the Word of the Lord.
  41. For nothing must remain in this church but what can remain in the fire, Holy Ghost. For as a refiner will the Lord purify the sons and daughters of the living God, and purge them into perfect righteousness.
  42. Through the operation of the Spirit in these waiters, they may for a long time contend with many infirmities and evils, yet if it be kept continually warm and watched it cannot at last but work out a perfect cure and bring a full and complete redemption from the earth.
  43. There may be some at present living who may come to be thus fully and totally redeemed having another body put on them, i.e., after the priestly order.
  44. This priestly, anointed body will render them impregnable, and qualify them for that high degree of spiritual government to which they are called.
  45. Wherefore it requires upon our part to suffer the spirit of burning to do upon us the refining work, fanning us with His fiery breath, searching every part within us until all be pure and clean, and we thereby arrive to His fixed body from which wonders are to flow out.
  46. This body will be the sealing character of the Philadelphia church.
  47. Upon this body will be the fixation of the Urim and Thummim, that are to be appropriated to the Melchisedecan order whose decent is not to be counted in the genealogy of that creation (under the fall), but is another genealogy which is from the restoration.
  48. Hence these priests will have a deep inward search, and a divine insight into the secret things of the Deity, and will be able to prophesy on clear ground, not darkly and enigmatical, for they will know what is couched in the first originality of all being and the eternal archetype of nature, and will be capacitated to bring them forth according to the divine council and ordination.
  49. The Lord, whose hand is lifted up, sweareth in truth and righteousness that from Abraham’s loins, according to the spirit, there shall arise a holy priesthood.
  50. Abraham and Sarah were a type of that which should be produced and manifested in the last age of the world.
  51. The mighty spirit of Cyrus is appointed to lay the foundation of the true temple and to support it in its building.
  52. These are such characteristics, or marks, whereby the pure virgin church, so founded, shall be certainly known and distinguished from all others, and whereby the action and true sound of the Holy Ghost shall be discerned from that which is false, base, counterfeit.
  53. There must be a manifestation of the Spirit whereby to edify and raise up this church suitable to the ascension of Jesus Christ.
  54. This manifestation must be the absoluteness of power and in the beauty of holiness, so bringing down heaven upon earth and representing here the New Jerusalem State.
  55. In order to which, spirits that are thus purely begotten, conceived and born of God, can ascend to Jerusalem above, where their head in mighty majesty doth reign, and there receive such a mission whereby they shall be empowered to bring down to this world its transcendent glory.
  56. None but those risen in Christ in the regeneration can thus ascend and receive His glory; can descend again to communicate the same, being thereby His representatives upon the new earth and subordinate priests under Him, the Lord of lords, and King of kings.
  57. Now He that ascended and glorified has made himself our debtor, consequently He will not be wanting in qualifying and furnishing certain high principle instruments who shall be most humble and as little regarded as Daniel was, he whom He will dignify with great knowledge and priestly sovereignty for the drawing together in one, the scattered little flock into one fold, coming out of all nations.
  58. Therefore there should be a holy emulation and ambition stirred up among all true lovers of Jesus so that they may be the first fruits unto Him that is risen from the dead, and so be made principle agents for Him and with Him that they may be, if possible, members of the first-born of Jerusalem above, our Mother.
  59. All lovers of Jesus and true waiters for His Kingdom under whatsoever professions or forms that are dispersed ought to be members among the Philadelphia Spirit to whom this message pertains.
  60. The society is not the church of Philadelphia, but consists of those who are associated to wait and hope in the unity of the Spirit for its appearance and manifestation, wherefore there is such a strict charge given them throughout this message to be watchful and quicken up their pace.

The English Prophetess, Jane Leade, lived from 1623-1704, and wrote numerous publications of great depth, detailing the preparation for the coming Kingdom of God on Earth for the 1000-year millennium period, in which Christ would reign upon earth within His people. She would found the Philadelphian Society in 1652, which would coincide with a John Wroe communication of 1854, that the visitation was then 200 years old.

Though Jane Leade is not given in the number 7 of the Latter-day messengers counting from Joanna Southcott, yet her work was revisited most wonderfully in Sister Mary Purnell’s latter two books, The Book of Heaven (1939) and the Book of Paradise (1944). In the tradition of Joanna, Wroe, and Jezreel, Mary received communications that were recorded and later put into book form. Throughout her last two books, Mary was given, with exacting words, numerous passages and entire paragraphs from Jane Leade’s visitation experience of over 270 years before.

In the listings on the Literature Page you will find her Ascent To the Mount of Vision, 1699. This small booklet was published at Mary’s City of David, which also contains the above Sixty Propositions. The entire text of the Propositions was also formerly printed in the 6th Church, The New and Latter House of Israel.

November, 1999 Mary’s City of David.

When Death Took a Holiday…

Nobody dies while Death makes love.

In 1865, Death took a holiday, and since then, dozens of death-based psyops have been created to hoodwink real criminals. These psyops are rather complex, but the actors have worked diligently to help us discover their missions in the public record.

Rule #1: Assemble events

People who have multiple identities will often accomplish under both identities at the same time.

Rule #2: Why change one’s birthday?

Often, people who play multiple roles do not change their birthdays, so we may find them by exploring people born at the same time.

The people who are most active under multiple identities in the 19th century are visual artists and painters. Queen Victoria was famously almost assassinated by a painter by the name of Edward Oxford.

born on April 18, 1822

Edward Oxford

First of seven people who tried to assassinate Queen Victoria

born on May 24, 1819 (d. 1901)

Queen Victoria

Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (1837–1901)


Edward Oxford fires two pistols at the Royal Carriage in an attempt to assasinate Queen Victoria
It happened on 10 June, 1840

Featuring: Edward Oxford, Albert, Prince Consort, Queen Victoria.

In 1865, an actor performed the role of killing Abraham Lincoln.

born on May 10, 1838 (d. 1865)

John Wilkes Booth

American stage actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., on April 14, 1865

born on February 12, 1809 (d. 1865)

Abraham Lincoln

16th President of The United States


Some Great Vacations for Death…


Ian Brady   born on January 2, 1938.

Serial Killer (The Moors murders) between July 1963 and October 1965

Ian Brady is a serial killer credited for the Moors murders with his wife Myra, between July 1963 and October 1965. For twenty years after, the Bradys would confess to murders which would lead the Manchester police to investigate and search for human remains. Alternate Identity People who play multiple roles in our reality will coordinate their accomplishments in order to become detectable to the future. One day, we will realize that "